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Australian Labradoodles were created to be assistance dogs.  They are calm in their minds which enables them to focus.  They have non shedding coats which allow them to work with individuals who have allergies. They are suited to be family, companion or therapy dogs.  They have therapy temperaments and bond with their people immediately.  Training is easier.  Guiding them through the patterns of your life is easier.  Leaning on them for love and support is easier.  In addition they are athletic and fun loving making them the ideal therapy, family or companion dog.  I am particularly concentrating on developing quiet level loving temperaments.  



In Guilderland, New York seven Australian Labradoodles were purchased by teachers, social workers and guidance counselors, with help from community grants, to assist in the schools.  They help students connect to each other and with teachers.  The dogs relieve some of the turmoil of growing up.  Each animal is owned and raised by a staff member who brings the dog to school every day. 

When I first encountered the Australian Labradoodle I felt that this breed could benefit all people. Studies have shown that adults can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and quiet anxiety by petting or hugging a dog.   Children find dogs give them confidence and reassurance.  Poor readers can improve their skills by reading to a dog.  Everyone benefits from a dog whose concerns are centered on their people.


Australian Labradoodles are rigorously health tested.  Their hips and elbows, patella luxation and heart are certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, their eyes yearly through CAER , and all DNA tests are done before breeding. 


They are a joy to live with and raise! 



- Emily Sheehan 

 North Ohioville Road

 New Paltz, New York


                       A Labradoodle with Therapy Aspirations

Labradoodle puppy love
Labradoodle puppy mom and Emily
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