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           The Dogs of Black Creek Labradoodles




Berkshire Hills Quill


Berkshire Hills Quill, the first breeding dog for Black Creek Australian Labradoodles, is now retired.  She is medium size weighing 33 pounds.  

She does agility, plays ball and frisbee, loves playing with children and enjoys going to the skilled nursing unit of a local community to soothe and comfort the sick and injured. 









Black Creek Imperatrice aka Trixie

ALCA #246-02052017-003-LB1






Trixie , Quill's daughter, is a medium caramel weighing 34 pounds.  She is sweet and devoted.  She's exceedingly smart and always there when I call.  For that reason

I walk Trixie off-leash often.  Trixie is now retired.


Black Creek Royal Delta aka Della


From Trixie's September 2018 litter comes Della.  She's a large medium weighing 38 pounds.  She's mellow and cuddly.  I have hopes for her as a therapy dog.  

At four months she started going to a retirement community to greet residents who entered the lobby of the Health Center.  Della will be bred in July 2023 for a fall  homecoming.




Black Creek Something Royal aka Sunny  


                                                                       Sunny is my husband's therapy dog. 

                                                                       They walk together, talk together and

                                                                        reinforce their love of life.






Breeding girl Trixie.JPG
Beautiful Della copy.jpg
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