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In the late 80s a request was received by Wally Conron of the Royal Guide Dogs in Victoria, Australia from a woman who needed a vision guide dog who would be acceptable to her husband who was highly allergic to dog dander.  He began breeding Poodles and Labradors to create a non shedding intelligent dog for service use.  The results were very varied.  Some dogs coats continued to shed and some temperaments were too willfull and excitable to be trained as service dogs.  He chose the successful crosses and continued to breed them to each other for a short period of time.  The results were so inconsistent he abandoned the project.


The development of the breed was continued by two breeding and research centers Tegan Park and Rutland Manor. They continued where Wally Conron left off.  By breeding the successful crosses and carefully infusing other breeds they arrived at the Australian Labradoodle.  They developed a dog with a non shedding lusterous coat called a fleece coat and an intelligent quiet caring nature.


Many people continue to breed Poodles and Labradors with very mixed results: often coats shed and temperaments are strong hyperactive and difficult to control.  The Australian Labradoodle is bred to have a consistent calm intelligent focused temperament.



                            Is an Australian Labradoodle the breed for you?


Australian Labradoodles are unique in their connection to people.  They have an unusual ability to connect and communicate with people.  They sense emotions.  If someone is distressed they go to them.  They are also fun loving and athletic.  After the puppy stage they stay calm even in a room full of people they don't know.  They would rather be with you than left at home or outside by themselves.  They live for their people.


As with any dog it's appropriate to obedience train them.  You'll find they learn quickly and are always the teacher's pet in obedience class.


They do need some grooming.  Their coats shed dirt so bathing is infrequent.  In fact they always smell great even after a romp outside.  They require brushing about once a week and grooming 4 times a year.





To quote Suzanne Godwin:



                    "If you are ready to fall deeply in love with your dog the Australian Labradoodle is the right breed for you!". 



                                                                        Black Creek Imperatrice (ALCA # 246-02052017-003-LB1)

                                                                                                                (ALAA# 069417)

                       Australian Labradoodle Beginnings

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