Full Grown Quill

At 20 months Quill has blossomed into a gorgeous 40 lb Australian Labradoodle. Of course I'm guessing at her weight since I haven't stopped at the vet to weigh her. Well she seems 40 lbs as she's broadened but not heightened. Here she is majestically viewing the snow a week ago.

Quill comes from therapy dog line

7 Australian Labradoodles used as therapy dogs in the Guilderland, NY school system are from the same therapy lines as Berkshire Hills Quill. The article documents how some of the dogs have affected students and enabled teachers to be more successful.

Spreading Australian Labradoodle fame

Quill and I had a fun visit with a lovely family on Sunday. They will be adopting one of Quill's puppies in August. We're very excited to have met all four of them. The thrill of introducing Quill to the world continues.

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