Therapy Dogs Needed in Schools

Positive statistics about the effectiveness of therapy dogs in schools is rising. Teachers have found that dogs can soothe aggressive behavior. The presence of a dog creates a bridge between isolated students and their classmates. It has been observed that students working with therapy dogs have improved alertness, attention and more engaged social contact. Certified therapy dogs in every school is a low cost option for improving our educational system.

Spring Dreaming

Dreaming of green grass, a longer coat for Quill and a successful date with Calvin to put puppies in her belly. I can't wait to reproduce Quill with those little pug nosed beauties. I just returned from participating in the whelping of another Australian Labradoodle. The puppies are overwhelmingly adorable! I can't wait to have Quill's. As soon as she has a date, sometime in April I hope, I'll post his picture. Spring is coming! Yes!

Bare Naked Quill

For the first time I had Quill clipped by a professional groomer. She cut her coat way too short. I was aghast! But it's only hair and will grow I keep telling myself. She still looks beautiful. Her coat now looks like golden brocade. You can't help stroking that soft glowing fleece.

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